Dropped this beauty mid set around 02:00 o’clock for a packed dancefloor during Dissonace at ACU in Utrecht. We all felt the love. Tune of the year so far for me (illusive). 

Review courtesy of: Ransom Note

The night sky was clear and only a gentle breeze could be felt in the air. She was sure every star seemed that little bit brighter tonight but maybe she was just imagining it. As she looked out across the crystal waters that lay in front of her something in the distance caught her eye. Partly submerged in the glistening depths of the lake, it began to float towards her, slowly coming into focus under the moonlit sky. She lent forward, eyes narrowed, hoping to get a better look at the mysterious object. As it reached her feet, she smiled widely. She’d been waiting for this arrival for a long time.

Sao Paulo-based producer Davis returns for his second release on Live at Robert Johnson with Ordinary Sleep. On this three-track EP he weaves through breakbeat, acid and trance influences, characterised by his signature synthwave melodies. Ordinary Sleep was released on 22nd February 2019.